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Guilford, Maine

Where history meets the future


We hope you enjoy the tour of Guilford through our Exhibits. The five exhibits were written and designed by MCHP Guilford Team Members Tom Goulette, Carrie Fellows, Cindy Woodworth, Rex Webb and Stub Schultz. All images are contributed by the Guilford Historical Society.

Early Manufacturing By: Tom Goulette
Early Manufacturing By: Tom GouletteThe Early Manufacturing Exhibit includes the history of textile and wood manufacturing in Guilford.

Industry came early to Guilford, and although adapted and modernized, it is still the foundation of our community, providing careers over several generations for locals and neighbors alike. This exhibit provides a detailed look at two survivors.

Special Events By: Carrie Fellows
Special Events By: Carrie FellowsThe Special Events Exhibit will show you celebrations and events back to 1904 up to the current day River Festival celebration.

A community that works hard will often play hard and Guilford has always enjoyed its infrequent respites from labor. Patriotic and proud, it's easy to throw a party worth remembering in this town. Here's a look at a few of our memorable celebrations.

Historic Buildings By: Cindy Woodworth
Historic Buildings By: Cindy WoodworthThe Historic Buildings Exhibit shows photos of buildings gone but not forgotten, as well as "then and now" photos of historic buildings still in existence today.

The architecture of a community speaks volumes about its people and its past. While ravages of time, conflagration and weather have taken many from us, here we provide a selection of our ancient structures, some of which still stand in silent witness.

Veterans Tributes by: Stub Schultz
Veterans Tributes by: Stub SchultzThe Veterans Tributes Exhibit shows photographs relating to Guilford Veterans and tells the stories of two people--Louis Wilbur Trafton and Mattie Anna Pinette.

Acutely aware that our freedoms have come at a very high price, Guilford is extremely proud of all who have served our great country. We have an active American Legion, an outstanding and beautiful Veteran's Memorial, and now, this exhibit in which we pay tribute to two examples of selfless heroes who have lived among us.

Guilford Schools By: Rex Webb
Guilford Schools By: Rex WebbThe Guilford Schools Exhibit--"Like The Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes"--tells the history of Guilford schools and survival after fires.

From Guilford's earliest days, groaning and stretching to become a town, the value of education has been placed on a pedestal by all its citizens. From a room over a shed to a pilot laptop program of national significance, this exhibit will reveal the metamorphosis of our outstanding school sytem and some of the trials it took to get here.