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As one would expect it was the secretary of Guilford Historical Society who was alerted to the MCHP grant and in connection with the society’s work on digitizing and archiving the artifacts and records they held, felt this would be a tremendous opportunity. She acquired an application and began to seek out partners that would not only qualify as such, but would bring something to the table in terms of interest, ability, insightful input, and most important, a passion for our community. Each of the several partners, listed below, added their thoughts and ideas to the application and surprisingly, Guilford was selected as a recipient of this wonderful grant opportunity, the smallest village in the 2009 class.

July Orientation at Maine Historical Society in Portland: LtoR: Fran Pollitt, Maine Historical Society, and Guilford Team Members, Tom Goulette, Carrie Fellows, Cindy Woodworth, Brian Woodworth, Rex Webb, Nena Schultz

Excited about their good fortune, the group began to meet to discuss the overall project, review the materials received from MHS, register for program access on Maine Memory Network, and plan for the Portland orientation session. In July, seven members attended that session and learned what the expectations were, the integral parts of the proposed site, and how to make it all happen, as well as enjoying the chance to meet the participants from the various other towns and cities.

Larissa Vigue Picard from the Maine Historical Society previews Maine Memory Network

In October, our MCHP kick-off/Community Conversation Event was held during the Guilford Historical Society's Annual Harvest Fair at the United Methodist Church to seek input from the townspeople for exhibits. Larissa Vigue Picard was introduced from the Maine Historical Society and presented an overview of the Maine Memory Network.

Teacher Rex Webb and PCMS students present their "School Exhibit" during January Training at the Maine Historical Society

The Team went back to Portland in January for a mandatory Mid-Year Training. We presented an overview of the narrative, some historic photographs, and an old-fashioned storyboard exhibit. The latter was presented by 7th & 8th grade Social Studies Teacher Rex Webb and two of his students, Elaine Riitano and Spencer Martell. During the Training, teams received extensive instruction on exhibit and website building.

We hosted Dani Fazio from MHS for Photography Training, two sessions at PCMS and one at the Guilford Historical Society.

Dani Fazio from Maine Historical Society held Photography Workshops at PCMS and GHS
Brian Woodworth teaching scanning techniques to PCMS Students Spencer Martell and Elaine Riitano at the Guilford Historical Society

PCMS students and Teacher Rex Webb have visited the Society frequently for scanning demonstrations, extensive history research and photography sessions. Kristie Littlefield from MHS has been involved in extensive project and exhibit planning with PCMS.

PCMS Students take a walking tour to the Guilford Historical Society. The Guilford Industries, now known as True Textiles pictured in the background.

The Guilford MCHP Team Members have held regular monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month since June 2009, discussing and updating progress, budget, purchases, and events. The meetings were frequently attended by MHS staff.

Our Team met weekly for “Monday Night Workshops” to engage partners and outline our site; scanning and uploading original photos, photographing artifacts, researching and writing “good history”, discussing the Narrative and planning Exhibits, studying existing sites from prior years, and celebration planning.

Tom Goulette, Carrie Fellows, Stub Schultz, Nena Schultz, Brian Woodworth, Cindy Woodworth attending their regular "MCHP Monday Night Workshop" at the Guilford Historical Society

We held a Celebration Event to unveil our website On June 3, 2010 at the Piscataquis Community Middle School.
(Click here to read about our Event on the MCHP blog written by Larissa Vigue Picard, Project Coordinator, Maine Historical Society)


Guilford Historical Society - Our local caretakers of the links to the past. A community minded group of volunteers that preserve and protect the many artifacts, photos, and stories of the rich history of our town.
Stub Schultz, GHS President
Brian Woodworth, GHS Vice President
Nena Schultz, GHS Curator
Cindy Woodworth, GHS Secretary/Treasurer

Piscataquis Community Middle School – The six-town school district “supplied” seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher, Rex Webb, and a host of his students, all well versed in computers, cameras, and the technology of present day. These energetic kids were extremely comfortable with the mechanics of digitizing and scanning and helped out tremendously. Hopefully their engagement was such that they will become lovers of history and replace some of us geezers at Guilford Historical Society in days ahead.
Rex Webb, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, PCMS
Elaine Riitano, Student, PCMS
Spencer Martell, Student, PCMS
48 other PCMS Students contributed to the project

Guilford Memorial Library – Our local “Four Star” municipal library. The library provides extensive research materials and access to computers and high-speed internet use for any student or team member.
Linda Packard, Director

Guilford Economic Development Board – Another town volunteer board charged with cultivating Guilford’s image, discovering opportunities for growth and recognition, and seeking successful programs for enhancing our quality of place. A unique twist in the partnerships that preceded us, in that they looked for the economic advantage the Maine Memory Network could bring.
Carrie Fellows, GEDB Chair

Guilford Town Office – The administrative office for the town; lent a hand with the historical narrative and other records, an active participant in the project, providing excellent writing throughout the site.
Tom Goulette, Guilford Town Manager