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Guilford, Maine

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History of People
by: Piscataquis Community Middle School 8th Grade Students
Robert Low Jr.
Guilford Moses Low

Robert Low, Jr.

By: Brendan Gleason and Kayla Oldham

Robert Low Jr. was one of the most important people of Guilford in 1803. Robert Low Jr. is one of the founding fathers of Guilford, Maine. Robert Herring Sr. and Robert Herring Jr. were the the other two founders.

In 1803 Robert Low Jr. and Robert Herring Sr. bought land from Bowdoin College. With this land they created what we know as Guilford. 1804 was the date this idea came into action. The first tree fall took place and some buildings were built. The Bennents were the helpers with this town. There are no recorded first names of the family. By 1806, seven people lived in Guilford.

Guilford wasn’t a town at the time but it was an idea in the making. Robert Low Jr. sent a paper to the government to see if they could get a warrant to have Guilford be on a map and have it be a legal town. It wasn’t until 1812 that Robert Low Jr. got this warrant for Guilford to be on maps.

Eight years later Guilford was better than ever and the year was only 1820. Guilford was only 17 years old and had 325 people living in the area. With the economy so good Robert Low Jr. pulled $21 to make a school for the children living there in the small town of Guilford.

This is the history of Robert Low in Guilford. Rebecca, his first wife, died in 1811. He had a child with her. There is no recorded data on this child, but Robert Low had five children and a stepchild.

Low’s bridge was built in 1857 in honor of Robert Low. This Bridge stood for 131 years until a flood took it out in 1987. It was re-built soon after.

Moses Guilford Low

Bronson Bateman
Taylor Renner

The first male child was born in the year of 1816. His name was Guilford Low. He was the son of Deacon Moses and Isabel Low, and grandson of Deacon Robert Low, sometimes called Elder Low.

Moses Guilford Low

Guilford Low lived to be 93 years of age. He passed away on May 6th, 1909 in his hometown of Guilford. He was laid to rest in Elmwood Cemetery.

Gravesite of Moses Guilford Low found during Cemetery Tour